Diploma in Health Science

Explore the world of Health Science and deepen your understanding of wellness trends, nutrition, and their role in preventing lifestyle health issues. This course covers key topics including Human Biology, Health and Nutrition, and Mental Health addiction.










120 Credits | Full-time | On Campus


What will I learn?

Our specialised qualification gets you ready for success in a variety of Health Science fields. Over the course of one year, you'll complete eight courses, guided by our committed team every step of the way.


Human Biology 1

  • Learn about the human body's anatomy and physiology, including the cardiac and respiratory systems, human cells, DNA, genes, mutations, metabolic respiration, and homeostasis. This course also encompasses nutrition, digestion, fertility, and reproduction.

Healthcare in Aotearoa/New Zealand

  • Expand your understanding of a health and social care professional's role through topics like social justice, assessment, intervention, and evaluation within these settings. This course also covers advocacy, child protection and  legislative aspects like the HPCA.

Māori and Pasifika Health and Social Care

  • Identify key concepts for partnering with Māori and Pasifika cultures to enhance health and well-being. These include service user and whānau recovery, person-centred care, addressing stigma and discrimination, and navigating mental illness within the Mental Health Act framework.

Professional Communication

  • Explore how culture shapes communication, and demonstrate effective skills in different scenarios. Topics include personal and professional communication, managing relationships, using verbal and nonverbal cues, and practising culturally sensitive communication.

Health and Nutrition

  • Analyse how marketing, media, and the government impact food choices in Aotearoa. Topics include healthy eating, nutrition and diet, nutrition's connection to mental health, and nutritional needs throughout different life stages.

Fundamentals of Mental Health and Addictions

  • Enhance your understanding of how major mental illnesses and addictions affect individuals and their families. 

Health Promotion

  • Examine the influence of health promotion and psychology theories on individual and family well-being. Topics include growth and development models (Erickson, Piaget Pavlov etc), Ottawa Charter, Te Whare Tapu Wha, Te Vaka Atafaga, and Fonofale frameworks.

Human Biology 2

  • Enhance your grasp of human anatomy and physiology through topics like kidneys and homeostasis, neurobiology, nervous system, immune system functions, musculoskeletal intricacies, and stress responses.


Special Features


Small Classes 

You won’t get lost in the crowd here, with class sizes of around 22 students.


Inspiring Tutors

Get the ultimate learning experience from industry-leading tutors with world-class knowledge.

ic.Specialist Certificates

Variety of Course Topics

You’ll cover a broad range of health and social care topics, letting you get a feel for the areas you are more interested in.


Career opportunities

On completion of this Diploma, you may want to consider further study in the areas that interest you the most. Or you can apply for entry level jobs such as:

    • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching

    • Community support work

    • Retail work in specialist health or nutrition environments

    • Youth work

    • Assistant in a health care practice

    • Advisor in a health and fitness centre

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New Zealand Diploma in Health Science (Level 5)

  • Applicants must:

    • Have achieved NCEA Level 2, OR;

    • Have a relevant Level 3 qualification in Health and Wellbeing

  • In addition, international applicants must:

    • Be 18 years or older

    • Have achieved a secondary education standard equivalent to a minimum of NCEA Level 2

    • Have internationally recognised English proficiency: IELTS General or Academic score of 6.0 with no band score lower than 5.5

Special admission may be granted if you have evidence of at least 2 years relevant work experience and appropriate skill set to enable you to succeed.

All students need a computer and internet access in order to successfully complete their studies.

Domestic students

    • Tuition fees: $5,513.00

    • Student Services Levy*: $350

*CSSF, also referred to as the Student Services Levy, is a fee to help fund key services to assist student success and overall wellbeing while studying at Healthcare Academy of NZ. The CSSF contributes to

    • Learning support

    • Employment Information, Internships and Externships, and Graduate Tracking

    • Life Skills and Wellbeing

    • Counselling Services




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