Why have we been established?

New Zealand is experiencing a healthcare crisis.

The ongoing pressure on our healthcare system has highlighted the need to fill skills shortages across a wide range of health settings with healthcare workers and crucially, nurses.

We cannot continue to rely on international healthcare workers to fill the gaps in our system. We need to educate more of our own workers, building a sustainable pipeline of healthcare professionals to support Aotearoa’s health needs.


Our aim is to help alleviate the crisis by training more healthcare workers with a particular focus on building the pipeline of qualified enrolled nurses.

The Government has specifically highlighted that addressing skills shortages in nursing is a national priority, and we plan be a part of the solution by offering the Diploma in Enrolled Nursing | He Tohu Pōkairua Nāhi* (pending Nursing Council of New Zealand and New Zealand Qualifications Authority approval).

Our programme offering will be expanded in the future to meet skills shortages in the healthcare sector with a focus on Nursing, Allied Health, Health Sciences, Mental Health and Addiction and Community Health.

Healthcare Academy of New Zealand is committed to playing a vital role in transforming Aotearoa’s health sector into a more equitable, cohesive and people-centred system by providing access to healthcare training for all types of learners.



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