Dedicated to educating the frontline of New Zealand healthcare.






Healthcare Academy of New Zealand has been established to grow the critically understaffed healthcare workforce in Aotearoa.

We are dedicated to connecting and educating the next generation of aspiring healthcare professionals. Our aim is to provide a supportive, seamless journey from class to clinic to career to community.


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Who is Healthcare Academy of New Zealand?

Healthcare Academy of New Zealand is part of New Zealand’s leading and largest independent tertiary education group. We are committed to playing a vital role in transforming Aotearoa’s health sector. Find out why we have been established.

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Industry support for Healthcare Academy of New Zealand

There has been widespread support for the addition of an independent healthcare education provider, supporting existing public providers and the objectives of the sector.


“ABI Rehabilitation has a vibrant workforce providing an excellent learning environment in the specialist field of neuro-rehabilitation. We are committed to supporting enrolled nursing student placements across our services and to offer new graduates opportunities to work for us.”

Dr Christine Howard-Brown, Chief Executive Officer, ABI

ABI Rehabilitation logo, an organisation that supports enrolled nursing student placements during their health care courses nz


"MercyAscot is working on Memorandum of Understanding whereby clinical placements will be offered to Healthcare Academy of New Zealand Enrolled Nursing Diploma students. We aim to use these placements to give students exposure to surgical care both in operating rooms and wards."

Dr Ian England, CEO & Maree Cassidy, Chief Nurse/COO, MercyAscot

MercyAscot logo, an organisation that offers clinical placements to enrolled nursing students during their health care courses nz